What are Google Apps?

Google apps are web applications (often called web apps) created by Google and accessed with a web browser over the Internet. Some of the most popular Google apps include Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps. 

Google has also created a cloud-based suite of web apps for productivity called Google Docs, that include: 
  • Docs (Word Processing)- OUR FOCUS HERE
  • Slides (Slide Show)
  • Sheets (Spreadsheet)
  • Forms (creating forms and surveys)
  • Drawing
The Google Docs suite is directly integrated into Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system starting with 15gb of free online storage. 

Using the Google Doc's suite of apps, anyone can create a document and save or share their work directly online from any Internet-ready computer in the world. This frees up individuals from having to save, retrieve and share information from a computer specific hard drive. 

Beginning to share online documents with colleagues is the goal for this workshop.

Now proceed to the Google Accounts Menu above if you do not have a Google Account or teacher gmail address.

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